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Dental crowns

Dental crowns

Dental crowns (or caps as they are sometimes known) can be used to replace the top part of a tooth which has become damaged or weakened, provided the root is still relatively strong and healthy.

A crown fits over the existing tooth, helping to strengthen it and make it look like a whole, natural tooth. It also protects the remaining tooth from further decay or damage.

Crowns are created in a dental laboratory, using the very latest ceramic material by skilled craftsmen, to give the combination of a perfect fit and completely natural appearance. They are designed using a mould from your mouth, ensuring that your bite remains perfect. Porcelain crowns can be fully matched to your existing teeth but crowns can also be made in gold alloy or glass.

If you have an old crown which you are not entirely happy with, it may well be worth speaking to us about it – you’d be surprised at just what a difference a new one could make!