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Sensitive teeth – don’t suffer in silence

Tooth sensitivity is a common, uncomfortable condition. The majority of us have suffered from it at some point in our lives. It can range from mild irritation to a shooting pain that can last for hours.

Sensitivity is usually triggered when we consume hot or cold foods or drinks. Teeth can also be sensitive to sweet or sour substances and to pressure.

Often, the pain is caused by the exposure of the dentine – the inner substance of the teeth that is covered by the enamel.

There are many ways that the dentine can become exposed, these include: decay or infection, long-term wear, tooth clenching or grinding, cracked teeth, broken or cracked fillings, brushing too hard, using an abrasive toothpaste, and frequently consuming acidic foods and drinks.

As dentists, it is our job to indentify the cause of your sensitivity. We will examine your teeth and ask you about your oral habits and the pain you are experiencing.

Most causes are easy to treat so don’t suffer in silence – book a consultation at Cambray Dental in Cheltenham so we can find the best way to relieve your discomfort and get you smiling again.