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Mind the gap

Sometimes, despite all our best efforts to look after your teeth and gums you may lose a whole tooth or part of one. This can be caused by an accident or by the tooth being weakened by decay or everyday wear.

Do not worry though, losing part or all of a tooth doesn’t mean you have to cope with a permanent gap, nor does it necessarily mean that you have to wear dentures. There are a number of options which may be available.

When only part of a tooth is lost, a crown, veneer or onlay is often a good solution. These natural looking replacements fit over the existing tooth and are carefully colour-matched to your other teeth. They are individually crafted by skilled dental technicians to ensure a perfect fit.

If you have a completely missing tooth then a bridge or an implant offers a fixed solution. A bridge is made by fixing a replacement tooth to one or both of the teeth on either side for support. An implant is a titanium ‘root’ fitted into the bone, and has the advantage that it does not rely on neighbouring teeth for support. A crown can then be fitted onto the implant to replace the missing tooth.

Please contact Cambray Dental in Cheltenham if you would like to discuss which treatment option would be best suited to you.